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INGYENES kiszállítás már 10.000Ft felett!


Budapest, HUNGARY


– Brunch, Coffee and Wine –

At Portobello we aim to create a space that is modern and innovative. Our focus is quality, seasonality, sustainability delivered in a fun, creative way.


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The food we serve is healthy, nourishing and tasty. It is the type of food we believe in and enjoy eating daily and the type of food we want you to taste too. Simplicity is at our core and therefore we strive to use as much local and in-season ingredients as possible. The coffee, the food, the wines, the bread they all resonate the same message: simple, quality-driven, delicious.

The coffees we use are sourced and roasted by the Berlin based experts, The Barn. Having worked with speciality coffees for almost a decade our approach is simply focusing on what’s essential for excellent coffee: great beans, equipment and a precise barista. We brew our coffees as either espresso or filter and rotate them often. Our retail shelves carry the entire coffee selection of The Barn, so you will always find fresh beans to take home.

We believe in natural wines made by dedicated and passion driven small producers. Our shop features a carefully selected range from local and international growers.

Please note that Portobello is a laptop/tablet free zone! Please also consider that we do not allow pets inside the premises. Many thanks for your cooperation!